Critique Below

 Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch

 1st    Cullen's Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska (ai)              

2nd     Downe's S’s Super Star de Zorba Specially For You     

3rd     Bastow's Cloudside Muineira To Karandikar                   

Res    Hedge's Unstoppable Happy Go Lucky (Imp) (ai)      


 Special Award Graduate Dog or Bitch 

1st      O'Donnell's Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lily For Javidan JW  (O’Donnell)

2nd     Rhodes & Shaverneva's Shadowfax Threepenny Opera                         (

3rd      Bastille's Shadowfax Meistersinger    


Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

 1st     Gunn & Cannon's Lux Ch Amal Salang Hey I’mThe Star At Zushkhan (Imp) 

2nd     Cullen's Syrdarya Toffy Pop At Eweyisska           


I would like to thank the committee of the AHCW for inviting me to judge the special award classes at their show, I had a lovely time on my first trip to Wales.  I would also like to extend an especially big thank you to those of you who supported these classes, your support is greatly appreciated. 


Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch (4/4). 

1.      Cullen’s Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska (AI), 7 month old bitch puppy.  Lovely black/brindle girl with lots of personality.  Very appealing expression with dark triangular eyes peeping out from her fluffy whiskers.  Nicely proportioned overall with good rib shape and depth to her chest.  Covered the ground well on the move with all the exuberance you would hope for at her age. 

2.      Downes’ S’s Super Star de Zorba Specially For You, 9 month old black masked gold bitch.  A little older than 1 but with the same enthusiasm for life.  Lovely expression.  Overall nicely put together and well balanced, although lacked a ring in her tail which would have been the icing on the cake.  Moved well and covered the ground when she put her mind to it, but full of fun which is what we like to see at her age. 

3.      Bastow’s Cloudside Muirneir To Karandikar (AI)

4.      Hedge’s Unstoppable Happy Go Lucky (AI) (IMP). 


Special Award Graduate Dog or Bitch (3/3).

1.      O’Donnell’s Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lilly for Javidan JW, 16 month old brindle bitch.  Lovely feminine girl with a lot of class.  Refined head and good length of neck.  Angles well balanced front and back.  Beautifully presented coat with a deep saddle.  Moves with impulsion covering the ground effectively and gracefully. 

2.      Rhodes’ Shadowfax Threepenny Opera, 14 month old cream/domino bitch.  Another lovely young lady with a striking colour contrast between the pale cream and the dark domino markings.  Very feminine and refined head, good length of neck.  Balanced front and rear.  Moved well, holding a level top-line, but played about a bit so it was difficult to assess her movement fully. 

3.      Bastille’s Shadowfax Meistersinger


Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (2/2).

1.      Gunn & Cannon’s Lux Ch. Amal Salang Hey I’m The Star At Zushkhan (IMP), 3 year old black bitch.  Super quality lady, not surprised that she is already a champion.  Very feminine and refined with a beautiful silhouette.  Balanced in every respect. Groomed to perfection.  Moved with grace and power.  The only thing missing for me was a ring in her tail which would have finished the picture. 

2.      Cullen’s Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska, 6 year old brindle dog.  Very hansom chap with a substantial coat of lovely quality, sporting a lovely natural saddle.  Masculine throughout and well muscled.  Well feathered tail finished in a ring.  Balanced angles front and back.  Moved well giving an impression of strength with good ground coverage.